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Choosing the Right Commercial Fencing: Factors to Consider 3

Did you know that a whopping 95% of customers say that a store’s curb appeal influences where they shop? Two-thirds of them even stated that they decide not to visit a business based on how it looks from the street.

Every inch of your property’s exterior can affect your clients’ opinions of your brand, right down to the commercial fencing. That’s why it’s crucial to understand how to pick a fence that gets the job done while adding visual appeal to your business. With so many options on the market, of course, this can be easier said than done!

Fortunately, weighing a few key factors can help you make the decision. Here’s what you should know about how to choose commercial fencing.

Building Codes

Before you start analyzing the different types of commercial fencing, make sure you’ve looked into your local business codes! Depending on where your business is located, you may have to follow specific guidelines for industrial or commercial properties. In some areas, your options may be limited to certain materials, or you may have to stick to specific heights for street-side fencing.

If you’re having trouble navigating your options, a reputable fencing company can help. Experienced contractors will be up-to-speed on the business codes you need to follow, allowing you to choose the best commercial fencing within your city’s limitations.


Next, consider your fence’s purpose. What are you hoping to accomplish? There are a few main reasons for installing a commercial fence, and they often overlap.

When safety and security are your primary goals, for example, you’ll want to choose strong materials and taller heights. If you’re hoping for privacy, you may opt for fence styles that make it harder for bystanders to peer through to the other side.

Many businesses install fences for aesthetic purposes. These fences may help decorate portions of your property or add some visual interest to your landscaping.

Fences should also be functional, of course. Businesses may set up fences to keep guests out of certain areas, keep livestock from wandering, or reduce noise or wind flow, for example. They may also want to deter casual intruders, establish a legal boundary, or delay a customer’s access to an area for ticketing or crowd control.

Whatever the purpose of your fence, make sure you’re using it to inform your final decision! The purpose of your fence should also dictate its height.


Your fence’s environment should play a major role in your choice.

The first thing to consider is the climate. Because our local climate is so warm and sunny, any fence you choose needs to be able to withstand high heat and UV rays. Vinyl fencing, for example, is a great choice for Texas commercial properties.

The air in the El Paso area is also dry. This won’t affect all fencing materials, but it can cause certain types of wood to shrink.

In addition, consider the nearby surroundings your fence will encounter. If you’re setting up a fence near a decorative fountain or an industrial area that gets frequent washing, you’ll need something that can withstand repeated water exposure or high humidity.


The fence material is one of the most important factors in your decision. Here are a few of the most popular options to choose from:


This low-maintenance option comes in a huge range of styles, and it can mimic the look of wrought-iron fences with less hassle. It’s also resistant to rust, rot, and pests.


Vinyl makes for great low-maintenance fences. It’s also wind-, pest-, and rot-resistant. Businesses can enjoy a lot of flexibility when choosing the color, height, style, and texture of their fencing to match their property’s aesthetic.


Wood fencing is a great decorative choice, and it’s easy to customize. This material is also one of the more affordable options when you’re choosing fencing for commercial properties. However, it will need high maintenance to keep it from warping, splitting, or attracting pests.


This is a popular choice for commercial businesses. Chain-link fences are budget-friendly, low-maintenance options that also offer decent security. Coating them in vinyl offers enhanced weather protection and more colorful options.


Like all areas of your outdoor property, any fence needs regular maintenance. If you and your staff don’t often have time for this, you’ll want to narrow down the list of fencing materials you’re looking at! Low-maintenance options like aluminum or vinyl may be ideal.

Your maintenance schedule will always depend on the fence style and material. Some fences need occasional scraping and repainting. Some fences need regular cleaning to look their best. In addition, this maintenance can extend your fence’s lifespan.


Cost is a huge factor for any small business. After all, you’ll need a high-performance fence that won’t break the bank.

Consider your budget and decide how much you can spare on your fencing. Keep in mind that high-quality installations and materials can last decades, but low-quality options may need more frequent replacements. With countless materials and styles, it’s possible to get a quality fence even with limited cash.

Reputable Commercial Fencing Contractors

Last, but not least, make sure you’re choosing reputable contractors to install your fencing. You can have the best materials and design in the world, but it won’t make a difference if the installation is lacking!

Look for a trained and experienced team that can point you toward glowing reviews and testimonials from past customers. You should also seek out estimates and ask to see the team’s previous work. Not only can these examples give you a good idea of their craftsmanship, but they may also spark inspiration for your own commercial fence design.

Commercial Fencing Done Right

Your commercial fencing is anything but simple. The right fence can add much-needed privacy, enhance your brand’s curb appeal, and much more. Make sure you’re considering the factors above as you select the perfect option!

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here at Lone Star Fencing, we have years of experience customizing fences for commercial clients. To learn more, contact us with questions and get a competitive estimate.