Residential Fencing

With a wide range of residential fencing materials and styles to choose from, we can create the perfect fence to complement your home's architecture and meet your specific needs.

Residential Fencing Services from Lone Star Fencing

At Lone Star Fencing, we understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we are dedicated to providing top-quality residential fencing solutions that enhance your property's aesthetics, security, and privacy. Homeowners often choose residential fences based on their specific needs, preferences, and the overall look they wish to achieve for their homes. We offer a wide range of options for homeowners to choose from to get the look and feel they want for their home.


Privacy fences are designed to block the view from the outside, creating a secluded and intimate space within the property. These fences are typically taller and made of materials that obscure visibility, such as wood panels or vinyl slats.


Security fences are intended to deter trespassers and enhance the safety of the property. Materials like chain-link, wrought iron, or aluminum are often used for their durability and strength, while some may include additional features like locking gates or security systems.

Safety for Pets and Children

Fences offer a safe space for children and pets to play without the risk of wandering into nearby streets or neighboring properties. Pool fences, in particular, are essential for ensuring pool safety and preventing accidents.

Our Residential Fencing Options

Chain Link

A chain-link fence (also referred to as wire netting, wire-mesh fence, chain-wire fence) used for construction sites, demolitions, and special events.


A fence does not have to be boring and today, here at Lone Star Fencing we custom create your ream wood fence


Wood fence panels are ideal for creating a privacy fence that blends into your outdoor surroundings. Custom made here at  Lone Star

Wrought Iron Fencing

Here at Lone Star Fencing, we provide with beautiful, functional, & affordable residential iron fence installation. Give us a call today for


At Lone Star Fencing, we provide a comprehensive range of gate solutions to complement your fencing system. A well-designed gate not only

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