El Paso sees nearly 10,000 property crimes and over 2,000 violent crimes per year, making it more dangerous than 73% of American cities.

As a resident of El Paso, you need to take safety measures in and around your home seriously. Not only will they actively protect you and your property, but they’ll give you peace of mind that you won’t have otherwise.

You can secure your house in numerous ways, some active and others preventative. Few fill both roles like security fencing, however. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the importance of security fencing for residential security in El Paso.

Whether you’ve had a security incident or are taking measures to protect your new home, investing in security fencing is smart. Keep reading and learn a bit more about residential fencing and how professional installation can help.

Security Fencing Deters Crime

One of the most important aspects of home security is deterrence. Criminals are almost always going to attack the easiest targets and leave the homes that are prepared alone. Erecting a security fence is one of the best ways to deter crime because it starts your security system at the perimeter of your property.

Having to get through, over, or around a security fence will stop most trespassers in their tracks. If you add any other security measures to your security fence, like cameras, alarms, and/or locks, you’re all but guaranteeing that no criminal sets foot on your property.

Greater Perimeter Security

A security fence is a great way to establish and protect your property lines. If you have an impenetrable fence around your property, even crafty trespassers will make themselves known quickly.

You can put little additions to your security fence to help you detect criminals, such as motion sensors and cameras. As soon as someone is lurking around your fence for too long, you’ll be notified and you can contact the authorities. The fence itself will prevent any intrusion while you wait for the authorities to arrive.

Control Access to Your Property

Security fences don’t only stop active criminals, they help you control access to your home in general. Having complete control over who gets to enter and exit your property makes it easier to secure the premises.

If you run a business, this is particularly helpful. You never know who might be attempting to gain access to your company’s equipment or data. If you fail to gatekeep visitors, you could end up with a major security breach that compromises your entire operation.

Putting up a fence with particular access points makes it so that you decide who comes in. You can implement things like key FOBs so that your employees can enter the property seamlessly.

Creates More Privacy

Privacy is important for residential and commercial properties alike. A security fence will keep prying eyes away in both instances. Whether you’ve got a nosy neighbor or you’re protecting your business, security fences act as a strong first line of defense.

Enhancing privacy is important for all businesses, but you shouldn’t have to worry about your family’s privacy in your home. As a homeowner, you should feel comfortable enjoying your property in private. Putting up a security fence creates peace of mind knowing that nobody can look in on you.

Lower Your Risk of Theft and Vandalism

What are the main risks for your property? Violent crime is a concern, but it’s far less prevalent than theft and vandalism. If someone can get onto your property, then they can steal from and vandalize it.

It doesn’t have to mean that they break into your home. They can steal your vehicle, graffiti your parking lot, or damage your landscaping. All of this can be extremely costly.

When you install a security fence, you significantly lower the risk of theft and vandalism. Save yourself from the potential of having to deal with costly petty crimes.

Increase Your Property Value

Security is something all homeowners and buyers value in today’s real estate market. Whether it’s your business or home, a strong security fence is only going to increase your property value should you decide to sell.

Even the most affordable materials, like a chain link fence, will add value to your property. The more you invest in security fencing, however, the greater the return will be. To gain a clearer picture of the amount of value custom fencing can add, speak with your fencing company today.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Another financial benefit of a new security fence is lower insurance premiums. Your insurance company takes everything into account when they create your policy. If you don’t have any security measures preventing theft and destruction of your property, your premiums are going to be very high.

Showing a keen interest in the protection of your property will be reflected in how much you pay your insurer. Every little thing you do to lower their risk will lower your monthly premiums, saving you thousands over the long term.

Keep Wildlife Away From Your Home

It’s not just burglars that you have to worry about damaging your El Paso property. El Paso is home to a variety of wildlife, from skunks and raccoons to deer and beavers.

These creatures make El Paso what it is, but they can also easily damage your property if they get too close. Rodents, in particular, are known for wreaking havoc on our homes and property.

By installing a security fence, you can add an extra layer of defense against pests. It’s not a foolproof solution, but it’s one more bonus of your security fence.

Take Property Protection Seriously in 2024

The importance of security fencing can’t be understated. Whether you’re worried about privacy at your business or theft in the home, a professionally built security fence can make all the difference in the way you operate both at home and at work.

Lone Star Fencing has been El Paso’s top fencing company for over 20 years. We offer the very best craftsmanship to go along with carefully selected materials and thoughtful security fence design.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experts about improving your security.